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Why us?

We deliver successful commercial outcomes for our clients.

We are experts in the facilitation, planning and management of developments in property and infrastructure.

Highgate Management has helped clients increase value and reduce risk in property and infrastructure for over 21 years.

We bring to both the public and private sector our deep industry knowledge and experience with project planning, governance and delivery methods.

Highgate’s senior leadership team hold a range of qualifications in quantity surveying, construction cost economics, civil engineering, project management, law, finance and investment, business administration, valuation and real estate, land economics and public infrastructure. This enables us to confidently lead projects in property and infrastructure from the feasibility and project definition to planning, implementation and handover.

We work with people who share our philosophy: to increase value and reduce risk for our clients. This philosophy ensures some of Australia’s best businesses want to work with us again and again.

We will:

  • understand your needs
  • be inspiring in our strategic thinking
  • utilise our team’s expert knowledge
  • apply efficient ‘benefits driven’ management techniques
  • care passionately about what we do
  • continually improve.