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We see a growing trend for organisations to implement project management, whether it is for special assignments, programs of work or in managing business / operational change.

There are two options available when looking for project management expertise:

  1. To hire or employ personnel directly and manage the project management function ‘in house’.
  2. To utilise the services of an external project management consultancy.


To establish your own ‘in house’ project management function is quite a challenge, involving:

  • establishing robust project management systems and processes
  • finding the individual(s) with the correct blend of skills and knowledge for this to happen quickly and effectively.

This can be a high risk strategy for an organisation with limited experience in project management.


We combine recruitment and project management expertise (ISO 9001:2008 accredited) to provide you with the means to engage project management professionals ‘in house’ and establish your own project planning and control processes.

We do this by:

  • understanding the business brief and the skill levels required to meet your objectives
  • thoroughly vetting potential professionals and help to integrate them into your organisation
  • providing ‘ready to go’ systems and technology and provide ongoing support including training, technical support and project audits.