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Caritas Redevelopment Feasibility Report

St Vincent’s Mental Health – Caritas / ’Brien Redevelopment Feasibility Report, NSW

Assignment not undertaken by Highgate but by the Highgate individual nominated below.

Role: NSW Health and its Asset & Contract Services Branch wished to examine the St Vincent’s proposal to redevelop the O’Brien building. St Vincent’s proposed funding the new building from $23m funding supplied by NSW Health plus the land value component and the profits arising from the redevelopment of the Caritas site into a residential complex.

The tasks undertaken in a report were:

  • Review costs for the new proposed O’Brien Building
  • Review costs for the proposed residential buildings on the Caritas Site
  • Forecast income from the Caritas site
  • Assess costs of decanting the patients off site to either Long Bay or Prince of Wales hospital thus allowing the complete redevelopment of the Caritas site immediately and a long term asset for NSW Health to reuse
  • Cost comparison the proposed costs and areas against other NSW Health adult acute inpatient units
  • Value or opportunity benefit to St. Vincent’s and NSW Health of the buildings that would be freed up by incorporating the current departments of drug, alcohol and community health into the O’Brien building.
  • Any other benefits of the proposal
  • Risk assessment.

Some further feasibility work was required to establish alternative locations for Drug, Alchohol and Community to go to Macquarie Street and another to over the Kiloh Building at RPA.

Completed: Feb 2006